by Sweet Nothing

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released March 14, 2011

Recorded by Matthew and Lea Herring.

On this EP:
Other musicians who have graced us with their talents are:

Stephen Banister
Julie Wynne
Jordan Bush



all rights reserved


Lea Lea Atlanta, Georgia

"sounds like someone drowning but singing the whole way down"

"its like a foamy bluegreen ocean full of mysterious shadows"

"Sounds like a lullaby that was born in a closet."

"A sad goodbye never sounded so friendly and harsh words never so gentile."
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Track Name: corner cafe (feat. Julie Wynne)
I'm going to shoot myself for saying this
but I think I just might love you
I'm gonna leave my friends, my religion
and be born again with you
I'm gonna hide inside your arms and remember why I kept you
I'm gonna shoot myself for saying this
but I just might die with you

Words got no meaning unless their coming out your mouth
And these feelings I am feeling, have swallowed all my doubts

Three years later I'm dying to get a piece in my hands
I'm gonna do it, I'm gonna do it
I swear to god I'm gonna try
and you were my first love
and how could I leave this earth love
without you by my side?

Words've got no meaning unless they're coming out your mouth
And these feelings I am feeling have swallowed all my doubts
Track Name: underneath
you're my ecstasy
underneath my skin
waiting to be set free
there are many lines
speeding through my head
in half-time
where are you hiding
underneath the radar
you breathe, lightly
we are only one
I can taste it on my tongue
like the sea

you think you're real strange
there's thousands that think the same
you think the word needs a change
you're standing in the way

what are you looking for
you've gotten stuck in time
do you want the whole world
or do you want peace of mind?
Track Name: earth tones/blue
I've never seen those blue eyes cry
The tears are a melody
The sky wont make the waves go dry
The moon can't bring the lake inside
Those eyes won't hurt a soul
A soul can't touch my heart
But my blue eyes will cry, for mine

I never know which way to go
The earth is so cruel and we know
The stars will always be in the sky
The daisies come and go
The flowers bloom and grow old
My life is but a mist
Yet, still I can't resist
When my blue eyes will cry
And my brown eyes will ask why
And my green eyes will stare, into yours.
Track Name: Figure It Out
what did they say to you
when they called you up
did they let you know
how wonderful it was
when they pulled him out
of the ground
he was blind as a bat
he was grateful

were you caught in a terrible storm
did you finally find some peace of mind out there
would you let me know
its not difficult
pick up the phone
what are you scared of?

Because i'm tired of waiting for something to go wrong
im tired of pretending that i finally found my home
could you do me a favor and forget all I've done
we could be like the tv, just another rerun.
Track Name: Sluts
she's wearing that short dress
who is she trying to impress?
though, she is beautiful
I don't get a kick out of her heels
they cover their eyes
when they don't like what they see
pretending that life is a movie
acting like sluts on the MTV

(who is she trying to impress?
I'm not impressed...)

her sunburned thighs
glistening in the sunshine
with pink painted nails
and the face of an angel
but, oh how quickly age
wins the battle with beauty
in the never ending race
we always fail to complete